44-84786 – F6-D Mustang

| November 4, 2013
Lil Margaret

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from WIX



From WIX

History / Previous Identities:

1945: 8 June – accepted by USAAF
1946: September – 363rd TRS, Brooks Field Texas
1949: sold surplus
1952: Michael Coutches
1963: N5484V (44-73822), Bernard Coski, WA
1966: William Myers (44-84786, 44-73822)
1981: Butch Scroeder purchased project from Myers’ garage and basement
Twelve long years of hard work and determination. As you can see, an excellent restoration. One of the first authentic restorations down to every detail.

1993: 17th of June, John Dilley completed first flight
1993: Oshkosh WWII Grand Champion! Congratulations to all!

A must see restoration. Worth the trip to see this Mustang.
2005: N51BS, Oshkosh – still in excellent condition, still a must see.

Info From the following page: http://www.mustangsmustangs.com/p-51/?survivors/serial/44-84786

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